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International Student Office

Uluslararası Öğrenciler

Registration Procedures

Candidates who are entitled to enroll can learn the student numbers and the first user passwords by entering the TC ID / Foreign National Number and Birth Date information by selecting the "Student No. Question" tab at on the dates specified in the Exam Schedule.

Candidates who do not know the student number can get help from the registration officer during the initial application.

Candidates must obtain a copy of the Registration Document and the Registration Information Form by completing their Pre-Registration after logging in at with student numbers and passwords.

These documents must be submitted to the registration officer at the time of registration.

Candidates must submit the following documents to Mersin University Student Affairs Department in full during registration:

·      Documentation of MEÜYÖS or equivalent examinations

·      Original copy of Secondary School Diploma and an approved translation in Turkish. ( notaries in Turkey or Turkish embassies or consulates in abroad are regarded as certifying authorities )

·      The Letter certifying that the Secondary School Diploma is equivalent to a Turkish High School Diploma ( The Letter can be obtained from the Turkish Embassy in your country or the Provincial Directorates of National Education in the cities of Turkey. In Mersin, The address of the Directorate is Dumlupınar Mah. GMK Bulvarı Nearby Suphi Öner Öğretmenevi Yenişehir Mersin )

·      Certified Copy of passport ( notaries, embassies or consulates are regarded as certifying authorities )

·      Residence Permit ( should be submitted to Registrars’ Office within one month from the date regitration. Foreign Identity Card Should be submitted by those applicants who are in guest status because of their special condition )

·      Turkish citizen applicants should declare their T.R. Identity Numbers or submit a noterized copy of their birth certificate.

·      Noterized copy of Certificate of Identity Register of applicants who are native-born foreigner that holds dual nationality by becoming a Turkish citizen afterwards.

·      Full Transcipt of Secondary School for Turkish citizen applicants who complate secondary school in foreign countries other than TRNC.

·      Bank Receipt of paid Tuition Fee.

·      4 Photographs

·      Certification of Turkish Language Proficiency if avaiable.

·      Certification of Foreign Language Proficiency if avaiable.

·      Certification of fulfillment of special conditiones obligated by the placed program.

·      Certification of financial capability for higher education.